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Flash and Flex Israel is the official Adobe user group in Israel. 

Flash and Flex Israel consists of professionals of all skill levels who gather monthly to share information and stay on top of what is new in our ever- changing industry, as well as experience new ideas and concepts. Our discussion topics includes Flash, Flex, RIA, Web Design/Development, Mobile, Adobe Air, and much more.

Meetings regularly feature local and national speakers, networking, Q&A, seminars, and webinars. This group not only focuses on Adobe creative products, but programming tools, languages, and design as well.

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Entry posted on Feb 25, 2011 by AlmogDesign

Yakov Fain - Modularization of Flex Applications
Entry posted on Feb 01, 2011 by AlmogDesign

Hi everyone first let me thank Yakov Fain for coming out and doing a great session all without a projector. Again I apologize for the issue with the projector sometimes these things just happen.

I guess after so many meetings going perfect it was a matter of time saying that from now on we will be doing a check 1 day before each meeting to ensure this does not happen again.

Here's the link to the presentation slides: http://myflex.org/presentations/FlexModularization_Israel.pdf

If you want to connect with Yakov make sure to follow him on Twitter and check out his blog
Blog - http://yakovfain.javadevelopersjournal.com/
Twitter - http://twitter.com/yfain

I'm also active on Twitter and have blog
Blog - http://www.almogdesign.net/blog/
Twitter - http://twitter.com/almogdesign

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Almog Design Official Judge for GameIS Awards - 10/16/11

I'm an official judge for this years GameIS Awards it was an honor to be asked and I'm very excited to be a part of the GameIS Awards. I'm also really surprised and happy to see so many great games coming out of Israel and the Israeli game community.

The post Official Judge for GameIS Awards appeared first on Almog Design.

Almog Design Speaking at Casual Connect Kyiv - 10/06/11

I will be speaking at Casual Connect Kyiv I'm really excited about my session and the event. Casual Connect is all about casual gaming the event is under the Casual Games Association which organizes a number of events in different locations to include Europe, Seattle and Singapore.

The post Speaking at Casual Connect Kyiv appeared first on Almog Design.

Almog Design Getting Back to Blogging - 09/10/11

So it's been some time since I updated or wrote a blog post mostly been really busy with Scoreoid my start-up which has been crazy and has taken up most of my time.

The post Getting Back to Blogging appeared first on Almog Design.

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